Perfection On All Fronts

Tyler “Ryza” Smith joins Sicario Gaming from the CDL Challengers Finalist squad. With his talent and standard for success, Ryza is always pushing his teammates towards perfection.   

  Ryza got his start in COD with his favorite game in the series, Modern Warfare 2, pub-stomping day-in and day-out. Realizing he possessed the necessary skill to pursue his passion, Ryza entered the competitive scene in Advanced Warfare and won his first local LAN alongside Kenny. Like his teammates Pure and Nightmare, the 18+ age limit after Advanced Warfare forced him to grind on the sidelines until his time came. 

Following their Finals appearance, Ryza is confident about the individual strengths he brings to his team. He elaborates;

“I’m very vocal and I’m very competitive. I always strive to perfect things…it makes me push more and more for myself and the team to improve”

With high standards for perfection and a talented squad capable to achieve it, Ryza prepares for a successful year with Sicario Gaming.

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Written By Zach Thiel