The Ascension

Sebastian “Gunsiii” Martinez joins Sicario Gaming as the last member from the CDL Challengers Finalist squad.  

Gunsiii’s early days of COD consisted of playing Black Ops and Ghosts casually. Years of consistent hours resulted in dependable gunskill, leading to the start of his competitive career during Black Ops 4 following his 18th birthday. Gunsiii swiftly made a name for himself in the Amateur scene, garnering recognition for his consistency and qualifying for the 2019 COD Championship in his first year competing.

With fewer roster spots open in the CDL, Gunsiii discusses how the presence of ex-CDL pros will shift the Challenger scene;

“… ex-pros will increase the pressure and bring more attention to the Challengers scene…there’s an absurd amount of talent all wanting the same limited spots, even with potential expansion next year.”

Now that Cold War has finally released, Gunsiii is ready to get the season underway with Sicario Gaming      

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Written By Zach Thiel

Perfection On All Fronts

Tyler “Ryza” Smith joins Sicario Gaming from the CDL Challengers Finalist squad. With his talent and standard for success, Ryza is always pushing his teammates towards perfection.   

  Ryza got his start in COD with his favorite game in the series, Modern Warfare 2, pub-stomping day-in and day-out. Realizing he possessed the necessary skill to pursue his passion, Ryza entered the competitive scene in Advanced Warfare and won his first local LAN alongside Kenny. Like his teammates Pure and Nightmare, the 18+ age limit after Advanced Warfare forced him to grind on the sidelines until his time came. 

Following their Finals appearance, Ryza is confident about the individual strengths he brings to his team. He elaborates;

“I’m very vocal and I’m very competitive. I always strive to perfect things…it makes me push more and more for myself and the team to improve”

With high standards for perfection and a talented squad capable to achieve it, Ryza prepares for a successful year with Sicario Gaming.

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Written By Zach Thiel

Victory Lap

With 10+ years of experience in COD and three world champions under his belt, Taylor Keating joins Sicario Gaming as our head coach.

Taylor discovered the competitive scene earlier than most, entering Gamebattles tournaments throughout COD 4 and Modern Warfare 2. He later transitioned to more behind-the-curtain roles, conducting freelance media, writing for Echo Fox, and producing OpTic Intel content. His contributions to the scene were noted by Crimsix, bringing Taylor on board as a manager. Later adding Arcitys and Prestinni to his clientele, Taylor got used to working with champions. 

Joining the team to lead the CDL Challengers Finalist squad, Taylor is confident about the potential. 

“I’m all about culture and pre-existing chemistry puts us ahead of teams that are just now forming. To win at the highest level you need to be on the same page and this team has been on the same page for almost a year”

Enabled by the talented brigade behind him, Taylor is ready to lead his squad to success with Sicario Gaming

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Written By Zach Thiel

New Team, Same Old Faces; Nightmare Joins Sicario Gaming

Yash “Nightmare” Patel kicks off our season as the subject of our first player profile. Joining Sicario Gaming alongside the rest of the CDL Challengers Finalist squad, Nightmare is here to bring a stable AR presence to the map.

Nightmare’s favorite Call of Duty is Modern Warfare 2, with fond memories of blossoming his AR ability with the ACR. Years of nurturing his talent led him to his first Gamesbattles tournaments in Ghosts and local LAN in Advanced Warfare. With his competitive career in full swing, Nightmare began climbing the ladder of the amateur scene, befriending his future teammates Pure and Ryza in Black Ops 3.    

According to Nightmare, the team’s pre-existing chemistry is the team’s biggest strength as the Cold War season approaches. 

…we’re one of the only teams not making any roster changes going into the next COD. This will help our SND, especially at the beginning of the year, since we know our tendencies on what to do (or what not to do) in certain situations…”.

From pub-stomping on Scrapyard to the CDL Challengers Finals in 2020, Nightmare is ready to truly succeed to the next step with Sicario Gaming.       

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