Sicario League Direct Entry Team Pass


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Your League and Why: To be the Best, You have to beat the Best. This is the Start of a Journey, The beginning of your Legacy. You will have the chance to work your way to the top of the Sicario League Standings, Be featured in our Top 3 Plays of the Week, Compete in Playoffs, and Earn your portion of the $700 Winnings.

Our Guarantee: We understand the importance of growing your brand, showing off your skills, and having the masses tune in and watch you compete at the next level. This is why,  Two matches will be streamed “LIVE”, Twice a week. They will be casted by our Sicario League Staff. This is a Guarantee! This is the Call of Duty League that doesn’t just say it…we actually deliver!

In Addition: We believe that those who are playing at the highest level should be rewarded. If you and your squad have the skills to secure the Top seed in your pool, You will have the chance to enter our free $20 Bi-weekly grudge match between Pool A /Seed 1 and Pool B /seed 1.

Your Price: $50 Will Guarantee your spot in the 32 Team Sicario League. No Qualifiers necessary. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ONCE PAYMENT HAS BEEN PROCESSED. However, Teams will be allowed to sell their spot to other Teams if they choose not to compete. Please be Advised, there will be a $10 processing fee for new teams entering the league mid season.

Play off brief: Our playoffs are a bit different than your average League. All teams will make the Sicario League Double Elimination Playoffs. The Top 16 Teams will be Entered into the Winners Bracket and the Bottom 16 Teams will be entered into the Losers bracket with 1 lose. This will give our struggling teams one last chance to prove themselves. May the best Team win! Lets get it!!

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