Join Us

Clan Membership  is open to ALL AGES and is a great way to improve your skill set, get to know our Competitive Teams and meet an awesome Community of like minded Gamers. Our goal is to improve together, share ideas and create a place we can all call “Home”.

“Get to know our Competitive Teams”

Team Membership  requires all participants to be 17+ and requires a higher level of skill and knowledge of the game. Please be aware, All Team Members are held to a higher standard of responsibility and must provide proof of skill. (ex: GB rank, UMG rank, etc)

Stream Team  is open to those that meet our standard. Sicario Gaming would like to work with a select few streamers who can provide entertaining and quality streams consistently. We will provide support, and quality GFX to help your stream look more professional in all aspects. Overlays, Headers, Panels, Waiting Screens, Etc.

Please Be Advised: We will reach out to you via Email once you have applied.