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▪️BETA is LIVE▪️

Who needs a last minute beta code?

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We will be Givingaway 2 codes at 1pm PST!! Shout out to @Wycmay for providing.
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Our man @empowerscript is locking down these @_playerslounge golds! #3Peat

With @Official_BFE right around the corner, this is the type of action we like to see. Thanks to @TheophiluzG & @Trackurs for stepping up for the dub. Let’s get it boys! #WeAreSicario
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⚡️C O N G R A T S⚡️

To @Deaadeye and @LloydyDesigns!

They are our @PerformGG Tub Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated and remember to enter into our HUGE SUBtember Giveaway for your chance to win a @TCL_USA 55" 4K|HDR TV!

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⌚️ Winner chosen at 7pm PST, TODAY!! ⌚️

▪️ 2 Winners
▪️ Tub of Perform energy (flavor of your choice)

📍Follow Us & @PerformGG
📍Tag up to 10 friends for more entries

💵 TCL 55” 4k TV Giveaway Entry:
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To the man, NEX! Driven and Inspired at all times. Having been with us for only a few days, He has already proven to be a valuable asset to the Organization.

If you haven't already, drop him a follow ( @spfxen) and be sure to sub at
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💸 S U P P O R T 💸

SUBtember! Don’t forget to sub to your favorite streamers at 50% the price!

Preorder Friday! Don’t forget to preorder our Official Flavor of @PerformGG.

Our goal is 20 presales! Help us reach our goal by using code “SICO” today!
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Out here on this lovely Thursday evening! Congrats to @AdvHaunted & @Tommey for securing the bag!

Join the boys as they continue to build their bankroll. Let’s get it boys! #WeAreSicario

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Give it up for the one and only @empowerscript for dropping 16 in Finals and locking in the Gold w/ @TheophiluzG @Granite_TTV

Thanks @_playerslounge for hosting another great Apex $125 3v3 odd man out tournament! #WeAreSicario
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🎙 W E L C O M E 🎙

Content Creator @spfxen. Also known as Nex.

Nex, is officially a part of the Sicario Gaming Family. Be sure to drop him a follow, here on twitter and on twitch!

Be prepared for some great content in the near future! #WeAreSicario
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▪️A P E X ▪️

A new journey begins as we enter @PlayApex. Please welcome our official Apex Roster!

@GGatorTTV @Ioniizing @empowerscript

With countless golds and earnings under their belt, they will represent us at @BFE2019 and in all online Tournaments. #WeAreSicario
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🖥 G I V E A W A Y 🖥

🥇- TCL 55” 4K | HDR TV, Tub Perform
🥈- Tub Perform, $20 KF Code
🥉- $20 @KontrolFreek Code

In celebration of our partnership with @PerformGG its giveaway time! Hit the link below and get to checking off entries. Good luck to all!
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▪️G E T R E A D Y▪️

It’s time to perform at the highest level. Introducing the Official flavor of Sicario Gaming | Dropshot Lemon.

We will be partnering with @PerformGG throughout the MW Season. We look forward to a prosperous year!

Preorder Today:
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🏆 @GoBoomTV Blackout 10k🏆

We are proud to be represented by some of the top names in the Blackout Community. GOLD.

Squad: @ZConvictt @ApplySlays @synxxrgy @KYScuf

Squad: @AdvHaunted @Envader_ @coiebear @Almxnd_
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🔥S A V A G E S🔥

Be warned. These gods are currently running Blackout high kill games for the @GoBoomTV 10k
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Sicario Gaming @Sicario_Gaming_
▪️T O D A Y▪️

Is the @GoBoomTV #CodeRedLive Blackout 10k.

Our man @AdvHaunted will be competing along side @Envader_ @coiebear @Almxnd_ at 12pm PST.

Be prepared to witness a top tier performance from the kill leader of April’s 40k. #WeAreSicario

▪️T O D A Y▪️

Is the @GoBoomTV #CodeRedLive Blackout 10k.

Our man @AdvHaunted will be competing along side @Envader_ @coiebear @Almxnd_ at 12pm PST.

Be prepared to witness a top tier performance from the kill leader of April’s 40k. #WeAreSicario
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💯 Join Up 💯

Passion Pubs are in full effect! Join @AdvHaunted and the gang, @Tommey, @_brittneyraines & Her brother-in-law, as they steam roll these lobbies!

Throw your kill challenges up in the chat! #WeAreSicario

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🔥You heard the man!🔥

Hit up the stream and show him some love!


🏆 C H A M P S 🏆

Give it up for the boys and their dominate performance at @HelixeSportsUSA. Wrapping things up with a 3-0 sweep over @UnjustifiedGG.

Way to finish out the BO4 season! Only GOLD! #WeAreSicario

@Archivs12 @Jimbolah @MonGhoster @DiIIonWrecks @PhantomzTheGod
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