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Don’t withstand the Force, Be the Force. 

Sicario Gaming has made its mark in the Esports Gaming Community by establishing themselves as a hard working and competitive force in the Call of Duty Esports arena.

Managed and Directed by Jason The Body Roberts and Jose Manly Berlanga, Sicario Gaming’s Competitive Teams and  Community have exploded with Life and Culture for those who support a lifestyle guided by health, focus, and gaming.

Thrive to be the Best!

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▪️BETA is LIVE▪️

Who needs a last minute beta code?

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We will be Givingaway 2 codes at 1pm PST!! Shout out to @Wycmay for providing. https://t.co/ppGUomhlW3
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Our man @empowerscript is locking down these @_playerslounge golds! #3Peat

With @Official_BFE right around the corner, this is the type of action we like to see. Thanks to @TheophiluzG & @Trackurs for stepping up for the dub. Let’s get it boys! #WeAreSicario https://t.co/KyholXQzAR
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⚡️C O N G R A T S⚡️

To @Deaadeye and @LloydyDesigns!

They are our @PerformGG Tub Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated and remember to enter into our HUGE SUBtember Giveaway for your chance to win a @TCL_USA 55" 4K|HDR TV!

Enter: https://t.co/oqKteuwZK0 https://t.co/PziAYYkzwy
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⌚️ Winner chosen at 7pm PST, TODAY!! ⌚️

▪️ 2 Winners
▪️ Tub of Perform energy (flavor of your choice)

📍Follow Us & @PerformGG
📍Tag up to 10 friends for more entries

💵 TCL 55” 4k TV Giveaway Entry: https://t.co/oqKteuwZK0 https://t.co/oOpGDvrvYH
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To the man, NEX! Driven and Inspired at all times. Having been with us for only a few days, He has already proven to be a valuable asset to the Organization.

If you haven't already, drop him a follow ( @spfxen) and be sure to sub at https://t.co/of90PnYTtb. https://t.co/bJe77gu9wo
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💸 S U P P O R T 💸

SUBtember! Don’t forget to sub to your favorite streamers at 50% the price!

Preorder Friday! Don’t forget to preorder our Official Flavor of @PerformGG.

Our goal is 20 presales! Help us reach our goal by using code “SICO” today!

https://t.co/PCFtkJDm2l https://t.co/YQDyqTQeSy
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Out here on this lovely Thursday evening! Congrats to @AdvHaunted & @Tommey for securing the bag!

Join the boys as they continue to build their bankroll. Let’s get it boys! #WeAreSicario

https://t.co/0hy2K98oQL https://t.co/HjXiOw16R2
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Give it up for the one and only @empowerscript for dropping 16 in Finals and locking in the Gold w/ @TheophiluzG @Granite_TTV

Thanks @_playerslounge for hosting another great Apex $125 3v3 odd man out tournament! #WeAreSicario https://t.co/uYQSoAGO8z
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🎙 W E L C O M E 🎙

Content Creator @spfxen. Also known as Nex.

Nex, is officially a part of the Sicario Gaming Family. Be sure to drop him a follow, here on twitter and on twitch! https://t.co/of90PogukJ

Be prepared for some great content in the near future! #WeAreSicario https://t.co/tjXDr1LsTt
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▪️A P E X ▪️

A new journey begins as we enter @PlayApex. Please welcome our official Apex Roster!

@GGatorTTV @Ioniizing @empowerscript

With countless golds and earnings under their belt, they will represent us at @BFE2019 and in all online Tournaments. #WeAreSicario https://t.co/ckhWsMnavh
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🖥 G I V E A W A Y 🖥

🥇- TCL 55” 4K | HDR TV, Tub Perform
🥈- Tub Perform, $20 KF Code
🥉- $20 @KontrolFreek Code

In celebration of our partnership with @PerformGG its giveaway time! Hit the link below and get to checking off entries. Good luck to all!

https://t.co/oqKteuwZK0 https://t.co/erE25v3qfn
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▪️G E T R E A D Y▪️

It’s time to perform at the highest level. Introducing the Official flavor of Sicario Gaming | Dropshot Lemon.

We will be partnering with @PerformGG throughout the MW Season. We look forward to a prosperous year!

Preorder Today: https://t.co/PCFtkJDm2l https://t.co/dBam2M1lZg
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🏆 @GoBoomTV Blackout 10k🏆

We are proud to be represented by some of the top names in the Blackout Community. GOLD.

Squad: @ZConvictt @ApplySlays @synxxrgy @KYScuf
Stream: https://t.co/UNg8pniwVW

Squad: @AdvHaunted @Envader_ @coiebear @Almxnd_
Stream: https://t.co/62SHBPU72p https://t.co/E7GpJ0Qvu0
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🔥S A V A G E S🔥

Be warned. These gods are currently running Blackout high kill games for the @GoBoomTV 10k https://t.co/0rWElM7cPI
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Sicario Gaming @Sicario_Gaming_
▪️T O D A Y▪️

Is the @GoBoomTV #CodeRedLive Blackout 10k.

Our man @AdvHaunted will be competing along side @Envader_ @coiebear @Almxnd_ at 12pm PST.

Be prepared to witness a top tier performance from the kill leader of April’s 40k. #WeAreSicario

https://t.co/fJprhlW4Qt https://t.co/wIwh2RSKM9

▪️T O D A Y▪️

Is the @GoBoomTV #CodeRedLive Blackout 10k.

Our man @AdvHaunted will be competing along side @Envader_ @coiebear @Almxnd_ at 12pm PST.

Be prepared to witness a top tier performance from the kill leader of April’s 40k. #WeAreSicario

https://t.co/fJprhlW4Qt https://t.co/wIwh2RSKM9
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💯 Join Up 💯

Passion Pubs are in full effect! Join @AdvHaunted and the gang, @Tommey, @_brittneyraines & Her brother-in-law, as they steam roll these lobbies!

Throw your kill challenges up in the chat! #WeAreSicario

Stream: https://t.co/62SHBPU72p https://t.co/exXF6AV1x4
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🔥You heard the man!🔥

Hit up the stream and show him some love!

Stream: https://t.co/62SHBPU72p https://t.co/ngsnQtUmI7

🏆 C H A M P S 🏆

Give it up for the boys and their dominate performance at @HelixeSportsUSA. Wrapping things up with a 3-0 sweep over @UnjustifiedGG.

Way to finish out the BO4 season! Only GOLD! #WeAreSicario

@Archivs12 @Jimbolah @MonGhoster @DiIIonWrecks @PhantomzTheGod https://t.co/hf05wn31ZG
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