New War; Same Business

Edy “Newbz” Juan joins Sicario Gaming as a Warzone/competitive streamer. 

Newbz began his career playing competitively, attending major LAN events in Black Ops 4 and climbed high enough to qualify for the 2019 World Championship. Although he continued his grind through the Challengers circuit during Modern Warfare, Newbz’s attention was elsewhere.  

The release of Warzone opened the door for many opportunities for many players. Newbz got his foot in and started building his stream. His dedication paid off quickly, earning himself a solid viewer base and invitations to high tier exhibition tournaments as a top Warzone streamer. Newbz took home the $20,000 with his team at the Atlanta Cold War Clash. Now he’s looking for another victory at the Subliners $100k this upcoming weekend, December 19th-20th, 2020.   

For others planning to purse streaming and content, Newbz emphasized the importance of perseverance,

“If they decide to take the streaming route, they gotta know it’s a grind. I was sitting there averaging like less than 10 viewers when I started playing Warzone, but after a few months I was sitting around 60+,”  

With Warzone releasing on Cold War on December 16th, Newbz is diving in head-first with Sicario Gaming.

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Written By Zach Thiel