The Ascension

Sebastian “Gunsiii” Martinez joins Sicario Gaming as the last member from the CDL Challengers Finalist squad.  

Gunsiii’s early days of COD consisted of playing Black Ops and Ghosts casually. Years of consistent hours resulted in dependable gunskill, leading to the start of his competitive career during Black Ops 4 following his 18th birthday. Gunsiii swiftly made a name for himself in the Amateur scene, garnering recognition for his consistency and qualifying for the 2019 COD Championship in his first year competing.

With fewer roster spots open in the CDL, Gunsiii discusses how the presence of ex-CDL pros will shift the Challenger scene;

“… ex-pros will increase the pressure and bring more attention to the Challengers scene…there’s an absurd amount of talent all wanting the same limited spots, even with potential expansion next year.”

Now that Cold War has finally released, Gunsiii is ready to get the season underway with Sicario Gaming      

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Written By Zach Thiel