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Don’t withstand the Force, Be the Force. 

Sicario Gaming has made its mark in the Esports Gaming Community by establishing themselves as a hard working and competitive force in the Call of Duty Esports arena.

Managed and Directed by Jason The Body Roberts and Jose Manly Berlanga, Sicario Gaming’s Competitive Teams and  Community have exploded with Life and Culture for those who support a lifestyle guided by health, focus, and gaming.

Thrive to be the Best!

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👼🏻 New player has Spawned in! 👼🏻 https://t.co/4l0ArobgGL
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Līv🌹 @SicarioLiving
👼Baby Erin Is In The HOUSE!👼

🎉Congrats to my brother @SicarioManly & Coco!🎉

You guys are going to be amazing parents and cant wait to see Baby Erin slay these rando's in Blackout/Call of Duty.

#SicoMode #FamilyCultureEsports #SicarioGaming https://t.co/Kwd3wKEwDC

😍 @SicarioBaby 😍 https://t.co/RnkuRTkSrV
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Manly @SicarioManly
👼🏻 My Babygirls! 👼🏻

😍I can’t believe this day is here. Just amazing! All I have to say is that everyday of the year should celebrate woman. Incredible strength from the love of my life, Caitlin Mathis. 😍

Erin Everette Berlanga
March 22nd, 2019
18” long
4.15 pounds https://t.co/ntyzVioXpn

🚨 To3 looking for 2 🚨

👊🏽The Core is still looking at all options. Please DM @SicarioJH3 if interested. 👊🏽 https://t.co/cH212y05Cg

👀👀👀👀 https://t.co/YV2CA9Cf7L
Manly @SicarioManly
👊🏽 Who said I couldn’t snipe! @sicarioliving @sicariothebody @sicariojaguar 😂 Out here in the Wild Wild West, anything goes! No scope, No problem. Let’s get it! 👊🏽

😆 @SicarioSalty, I’m coming for you. 😆

#clip #CODTOPPLAYS #snipe #cod #stream https://t.co/WP4TGF8yEY

💯 Devil May Cry 5 is LIVE💯

🚨TUNE IN🚨 https://t.co/rc5zlAbVaK

🤬 Y E A H 🤬

👊🏽 Our mans at the front line. Thriving for 200%. Hit @SicarioJH3 with a follow. 👊🏽

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🌊 No time for dirt bags. Our circle is small, loyal, and 100% dedicated. 🌊

👊🏽”If you ain’t down for us; we ain’t down for you” - Manly 👊🏽 https://t.co/8v0IV7ELAG
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Tim Kennedy @TimKennedyMMA
My current mood-

Screw you, your cover, and all your dirt bag friends. https://t.co/Wig21Y2n08

💯 Sicario Gaming is in need of two Passionate COD players. Please DM @SicarioJH3 if you are 1. Relentless 2. Focused 3. Have the time to grind until your thumbs bleed. 💯

#FA #freeagent #cod #bo4 #london #anaheim #cwl #codworldleague Ts #relentless #grind #esports #gaming https://t.co/cH212y05Cg

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💸 Save 25% on the “CRACKED” mug... this week only!! It’s game time! 💸

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💯We are more than proud of our squad. They have been hard on themselves since being eliminated but Top 64 out of 190 teams is something to be proud of. We are capable of much more and look forward to proving that at CWL Anaheim 💯

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🙏 Everyone, Thanks for all the Love. 🙏

Unfortunately we lost our Losers Round 4 to @3KingsGG. It came down to the wire.

Took the Hardpoint
Lost Snd in round 11
Lost Control just barely.

💯 Over all we are more than Proud of our Boys! 💯

🙌🏽 Losers Round 4! 🙌🏽

Vs @3KingsGG

💥Come support the fam at Booth 23 or on stream.💥


👊🏽 And again! 👊🏽

Let’s go boys! Sicario for the win!

GGs to @MortalKnightsHQ. The talent at this event is intense. Great series gentlemen.

💦The fam ——> @SicarioRizemble @SicarioKaTaNi @SicarioMongo @SicarioJH3 @SicarioTuzz 💦 https://t.co/wuTUDd6CGi
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🙌🏽 The boys focused up 🙌🏽

Take LR2 and move on to LR3

💯Passion from both teams. Ggs to @TeamQuantumGG 💯

The passion! @SicarioKaTaNi @SicarioRizemble @SicarioMongo @SicarioJH3 @SicarioTuzz https://t.co/0qsZaIQF3e
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🚨Losers Round 2🚨

Starting in 5 min VS @TeamQuantumGG. May the best team win!!


🚨Losers Round 1🚨

🤝 GGs to Ballistics, our boys are on to Losers Round 2. 🤝

Map Count ——> 2-0
Hardpoint ——> 250 - 41
SnD ——> 6-0

👊🏽ROUND 2 match time will be announced soon! 👊🏽

CWL Fort Worth

‼️Twitch is acting up so we will be streaming on Instagram live!! Sicario_Gaming ‼️

🙌🏽 Losers Round 1 🙌🏽


Booth 19 or https://t.co/0WjxXkm42c

Family, Culture, Esports

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