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Don’t withstand the Force, Be the Force. 

Sicario Gaming has made its mark in the Esports Gaming Community by establishing themselves as a hard working and competitive force in the Call of Duty Esports arena.

Managed and Directed by Jason The Body Roberts and Jose Manly Berlanga, Sicario Gaming’s Competitive Teams and  Community have exploded with Life and Culture for those who support a lifestyle guided by health, focus, and gaming.

Thrive to be the Best!

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🔥You heard the man!🔥

Hit up the stream and show him some love!

Stream: https://t.co/62SHBPU72p https://t.co/ngsnQtUmI7

🏆 C H A M P S 🏆

Give it up for the boys and their dominate performance at @HelixeSportsUSA. Wrapping things up with a 3-0 sweep over @UnjustifiedGG.

Way to finish out the BO4 season! Only GOLD! #WeAreSicario

@Archivs12 @Jimbolah @MonGhoster @DiIIonWrecks @PhantomzTheGod https://t.co/hf05wn31ZG
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@PhantomzTheGod @MonGhoster @Jimbolah @Archivs12 @DiIIonWrecks

Display a dominate 3-1 performance over @UnjustifiedGG. We advance to the Grand Final at @HelixeSportsUSA. Let’s get this Gold! #WeAreSicario

HP: 250-233
SND: 4-6
Control: 3-1
HP: 250-173 https://t.co/IWWBBeRWpD
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Our boys in New Jersey are going off! We advance to Winners Finals at @HelixeSportsUSA. Let’s show these guys some love and smash the follow button! #WeAreSicario

@Archivs12 @MonGhoster @PhantomzTheGod @DiIIonWrecks @Jimbolah

Bracket: https://t.co/tSTAYVi9rz https://t.co/Jwl3Lhjqt7
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🎁 S U B S 🎁

Late night Blackout wagers with @AdvHaunted and @Tommey.

Come hang out in the chat and you might find yourself with a gifted sub from @SicarioManly!

Stream: https://t.co/62SHBPU72p https://t.co/X2qJAbCUIu
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▪️G O L D▪️

Give it up for our squad! These beasts will be representing us at @HelixeSportsUSA, Saturday, August 24th, 2019 at 930am. We’re coming for gold! #WeAreSicario

@Archivs12 @MonGhoster @PhantomzTheGod @DiIIonWrecks @Jimbolah

3167 JFK Blvd, North Bergen, NJ https://t.co/KFm3nRz3rC
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▪️ B L A C K O U T ▪️

With @AdvHaunted and the goat, @Tommey! Join the boys as they prep for the @GoBoomTV 10k on August 31st!

Practice makes perfect.

Stream: https://t.co/62SHBPU72p https://t.co/D3jdJvEWoD
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▪️ @HelixeSportsUSA ▪️

Roster announcement tomorrow at noon. We’re coming for gold. #WeAreSicario https://t.co/pb7GG9xnk4
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▪️ L O V E ▪️

If you haven’t already, please drop by this Reddit thread and show our man @MJCheen some love.

He played his heart out at #CWLChamps and he deserves every bit of recognition as a top tier player for his display of talent. #WeAreSicario


🔥 I N B O U N D 🔥

▪️”Thanks for your support” Giveaway (50” TCL TV and More!)
▪️New Sponsor / Products
▪️Apex Team Announcement
▪️Twitter Revamp by ??? https://t.co/aFQvpTsqwT
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▪️ W A G E R S ▪️

2v2 wagers (not blackout) LIVE with @yExampIe & reciprocity’s @Tommey. Let’s get these dubs boys!

Example POV: https://t.co/AAy0MiZcfU
Tommey POV: https://t.co/0hy2K98oQL https://t.co/sCsuGu3Foq
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️A M A Z I N G▪️

Thanks again to everyone who supported us, especially our wonderful sponsors, @woobiesshoes @RavenGG & @KontrolFreek.

Maybe we should do something special for those that supported us throughout this week. What do you all think? #WeAreSicario https://t.co/qc3YX88UwL
Sicario_Gaming_ photo
Geoffrey Blosat @GeoffTBlosat
The top teams on Twitter during #CWLChamps this weekend.

Most mentions: @100Thieves
Highest engagements/post: @OpTicGaming
Highest engagement rate: @Sicario_Gaming_

#esports #smsports #100T #100Thieves #GreenWall #WeAreSicario https://t.co/MkEszSkfBq


We will be addressing DMs in the next day or two. It has been a very busy week for everyone but trust us, we have not forgotten about you.

Thank you all for your support!

For a faster response to business inquires please email SicarioLeague @gmail.com. Thank you. https://t.co/YvAUkeWK0L
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🔥 Another One 🔥

Our very own @HoVaKitZ ran it up at the @TCL_USA “Beat a Pro” booth at #CWLChamps. The man did it all with a mozu and ended the match with a knife kill. Simply an animal. Congrats Hova, any plans for that brand new 50” Smart TV? https://t.co/DpAcMa1Ku4
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To order your Limited Edition Championship Sicario Jersey.

Huge shout out to @RavenGG for all their support this week. Thank you.

Shop now: https://t.co/2uMygXxmAL

🌊Don’t withstand the force, Be the force.🌊 https://t.co/Xpb88ypFv2

▪️ #CWLChamps▪️

Exceptional players and even better people. Their determination and focus will never cease to amaze us. #WeAreSicario https://t.co/yfzUkpOa6r
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💯 #CWLChamps 💯

We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for this power couple. We love you @Tommey & @_brittneyraines! https://t.co/CDIbWIJjes
Sicario_Gaming_ photo


To @ImJacobb, you are the official Winner of our #CWLChamps Giveaway!

Time to take your gameplay to the next level! #WeAreSicario https://t.co/5ENC6ZmR9v
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Huge thanks to @Tommey @Proto626 @MJCheen @ExceedLbX @ByronLinney_

Unfortunately, our run here at #CWLChamps has come to an end. We are more than proud of our squad. They put on a massive performance and secured T12.

Thank you all for your support! #WeAreSicario https://t.co/xMZ3EE3hmn
Sicario_Gaming_ photo


We Vs @100Thieves on main stage after the Optic/E6 match!

Let’s give our boys all our energy. These guys absolutely deserve it. They have been frying and will continue to do so. Let’s go Sicario! #WeAreSicario

@Proto626 @Tommey @ByronLinney_ @ExceedLbX @MJCheen https://t.co/j2TazVpQVo
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

GGs to Units. We lose in an extremely close game 4 Hardpoint.

Time to make a run in the Losers Bracket. #CWLChamps

Family. Culture. Esports.

#WeAreSicario #CWLChamps https://t.co/BRSaZVYhTH
Manly @SicarioManly
Did @SicarioKillin really bring freshly baked cookies to the Airbnb?

@SicarioXan, you got a keeper my man. https://t.co/iKzvLb8WQL

💯 T O M O R R O W 💯

Marks another day of focus, passion, and consistency. A team that refuses to be shut out, prepares to battle for T6 Vs UNITS at 10am.

Let’s get this fam! #WeAreSicario

@Tommey @ByronLinney_ @ExceedLbX @Proto626 @MJCheen

Stream: https://t.co/tG42lEUTnF https://t.co/Dgg2InbPLw
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Give it up for one of our day 1’s, @SicarioSalty. Showing out at the TCL booth here at #CWLChamps; defeating a pro for a brand new tele!

Let’s go baby! https://t.co/WdIpOyazDc
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Family, Culture, Esports

sacario gaming LOGO FINAL-16