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Don’t withstand the Force, Be the Force. 

Sicario Gaming has made its mark in the Esports Gaming Community by establishing themselves as a hard working and competitive force in the Call of Duty Esports arena.

Managed and Directed by Jason The Body Roberts and Jose Manly Berlanga, Sicario Gaming’s Competitive Teams and  Community have exploded with Life and Culture for those who support a lifestyle guided by health, focus, and gaming.

Thrive to be the Best!

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▪️K I L L E R B A G E L▪️ https://t.co/flcNG0Wdch
BageL @TheKillerBageL
MY FIRST EVER MONTAGE THANKS TO @Sicario_Gaming_ ! Looks so good! https://t.co/9exk8EpZrN

▪️ W I L D ▪️ https://t.co/xpz4AmeiSx
zConvictt- @ZConvictt
M4 hits different, could never do that kind of damage with a Grau https://t.co/7DDSyU4QpR

▪️F O R W A R D▪️

A 2-1 victory over @FYCEsports advances us to @CODLeague’s challengers WR3. GGWP.

Focus and determination in full effect. Keep those vibes coming! We are giving 200% this weekend! #WeAreSicario

Roster: @iSinnR @Ke_V000 @PuRe_Denail @LividGOD @KiingWishh https://t.co/nPAPxQkxcT
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️V I C T O R Y▪️

A swift 2-0 victory in Winners Round 1 (WR1) sets us up for another competitive match up in WR2. Send us good vibes as we prepare to give it our all! #WeAreSicario

Roster: @iSinnR @Ke_V000 @PuRe_Denail @LividGOD @KiingWishh https://t.co/KNV92zUgtc
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️C A L I F O R N I A▪️

@CODLeague is finally in our home state and game time is right around the corner. Turn notifications on and stay tuned for match updates throughout the day. We are coming for gold! #WeAreSicario

Roster: @iSinnR @Ke_V000 @PuRe_Denail @KiingWishh @LividGOD https://t.co/yelhXIVtaR
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️S Q U A D▪️

These guys have dominated @SoCal_eSport this season and will continue their run at @CODLeague's Los Angeles event, March 7-8.

If you are from Southern California, YKTV. let's get it! #WeAreSicario

Squad: @PuRe_Denail @Ke_V000 @iSinnR @LividGOD @KiingWishh https://t.co/9TOG00Nlrw
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️C O N G R A T S▪️

A Huge congratulations goes out to @SicarioXan for his 1st place performance at @levelupseries. The grind always pays off!

Special thanks to the @KillerInstinct community for showing so much support! https://t.co/WxEnMUNoQA


Don’t like boxing? Here is a little entertainment for everyone. Let’s get it! #WeAreSicario

@Matthew__Z (MW)
Steam: https://t.co/pIRHNuK1sl

@DomoNuge (CSGO)
Stream: https://t.co/1q1yxv5cOa

@SicarioXan (Killer Instinct)
Stream: https://t.co/hfBnfN3tXx https://t.co/wQOqkogPmF
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️C O N G R A T S▪️

Give it up for your Sicario Gaming $100 2v2 Gunfight #Champs! These dudes were untouchable!

🏆 @coietay @KMShocked 🏆

Keep an eye out for our next 2v2 tournament. It will be announced at the beginning of next month. Come and get your money! #WeAreSicario https://t.co/EUvPh9yFlV
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️C H A M P S▪️

The Sicario core dominates @SoCal_eSport once again. A huge shout out goes to the squad for putting on an insane performance. Ya'll are nasty! #WeAreSicario #2Peat #Champs

Squad: @Ke_V000 @iSinnR @LividGOD @PuRe_Denail @KiingWishh https://t.co/cJIycexCmA
Sicario_Gaming_ photo


here at @SoCal_eSport in about an Hr and a half. In the mean time, hop in the stream and check out the Losers Bracket matches! #WeAreSicario

@Ke_V000 @KiingWishh @LividGOD @iSinnR @PuRe_Denail

Bracket: https://t.co/OAOjfrPrRe

Stream: https://t.co/Lxs1y1ZbwQ https://t.co/clWx4jNwnX
Sicario_Gaming_ photo


Up next at @SoCal_eSport Vs @LoyaltyES .

These dudes are absolutely frying right now. Let's see some HYPE in the chat for these guys! #WeAreSicario

Squad: @PuRe_Denail @iSinnR @LividGOD @KiingWishh @Ke_V000

Watch live at https://t.co/Lxs1y1ZbwQ. https://t.co/SoXQ7RJL52
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️H E A T▪️ https://t.co/rJL6UcyZpf
Will ''Atom'' Harries @itzatomm

This was crazy during the @Sicario_Gaming_ gunfight tournament with @TwoFurz

we would go on to win this game!

#WeAreSicario https://t.co/scOY0YtvqC


Give it up for the boys at @SoCal_eSport. All your support is appreciated! It’s time to get this back to back gold! #WeAreSicario

Roster: @Ke_V000 @PuRe_Denail @iSinnR @LividGOD @KiingWishh

Bracket: https://t.co/OAOjfrPrRe

Stream: https://t.co/Rsh00gn8K2 https://t.co/DPGoVlvXIE
Sicario_Gaming_ photo


GET IN HERE! 50 Minutes until registeration cut off.

Sign up: https://t.co/ZphU6PFQIM https://t.co/Veb9YDI5sC
Sicario_Gaming_ photo


☑️ Only 8 Teams Signed up
☑️ This Saturday at 9am PST
☑️ Two places paid
☑️ Will accommodate 1K participants

2v2 Gunfight | Bo3 | 2nD | Ps4-Xbox

Sign up here: https://t.co/ZphU6PFQIM https://t.co/j1ZDI4lTFN
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️Sicario Stream Team Presents▪️

$100 FREE ENTRY 2v2 Gunfight Tourney on Saturday, Feb 15th. Finals Casted by @Matthew_Aeon.

We will accommodate all 1K participants. #WeAreSicario

Sign Up: https://t.co/ZphU6PFQIM

‼️In "Team Description" list Twitter @'s and Activision ID's‼️ https://t.co/cTLPnWGmDi
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️SAT, FEB 15TH, 2020▪️

@SoCal_eSport is back! Which means we will be bringing back three of last events #CHAMPS and welcoming two new faces to the squad. Here is your official SoCal eSports Roster. Lets get it! #WeAreSicario

@KiingWishh https://t.co/ZL9B27Lplz
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️A T O M▪️

Celebratory stream is up! Early morning grind on the west coast and an early afternoon stream on the east coast!

Join @Itzatomm from NOW - 6pm EST for some MW and Apex Legends!

https://t.co/fmyMjdR20b https://t.co/6ykUkhdjlC
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

▪️W E L C O M E▪️

#SicarioRC was a huge success. We reviewed so many talented individuals and are happy to introduce our newest content creators. If you aren't following them yet, trust us, they deserve it. #WeAreSicario

@TheKillerBageL https://t.co/SrwBPmbQWi
Sicario_Gaming_ photo

Family, Culture, Esports

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